Friday, September 08, 2006

And it starts...

"I don't like homework" "We had no fun! no fun! no fun!" "I already KNOW my numbers"

Yes, school has started. Little miss is now in the big K. Kindergarten. I had more problems than her the first day. And now reality has started to set in on the little darling and she has figured out that school is work. I know what your thinking - because I have said it - RUDE awakening coming. She thinks this is bad, at least they are still coloring. What I want to know is why does daddy get "school was fun"? At least she did follow up with - but not gym class. Apparently they did some boring exercises and didn't get to play. I do kinda feel sorry for her because I'd like her days to be filled with playing - but the real world awaits - shaking in fear if they know what's good for them.

In other news, Katie went to a cattle farm recently and was able to see cows giving birth. One of the cows was having a problem and needed some help. Should I really need to be explaining natural childbirth vs. c-section to a 5 year old? At least she isn't asking how the baby gets in, just how it gets out.

Katie's theatre class starts in another week - you saw that one coming too didn't you?

I will post pictures of the first day of school laterl You know that I have them - had to memorialize this event.