Sunday, February 20, 2011

Katie's first band concert

This is before the concert.  It was quite overwhelming. LOL  But in a good way.  You see Katie practicing at the end.  The bands were both on stage and off at this point.
If you have seen videos on FB, this is one of those.  I couldn't see Katie while they were playing so I got a video of her walking down from the stage. :)
I'm not sure who these two boys were, but I was taken with them. The sax player had a solo during one of the pieces and he was amazing.  And looked the part!!

And some pictures of the musician:

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

When I'm Queen...: Review of Double Tap a short story by Ray Starman...

When I'm Queen...: Review of Double Tap a short story by Ray Starman...: "Review of Double Tap by Ray Starmann Ray is a friend of mine who is an author, screenwriter and producer. He co-wrote Generation Gap ..."

When I'm Queen...: More Short Stories by Ray Starmann

When I'm Queen...: More Short Stories by Ray Starmann: "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Review Lest We Forget Review Two new Cole Madison stories by Ray Starmann, both very good. If you click on..."

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Katie's Rings & Things

 It all started with our Mother/Daughter Bible study.  One night for our craft we made necklaces.  We used pipe cleaners and charms.  Katie had some left overs so I told her she should make a ring.

 She made a ring.  Actually she made a couple, one for her and one for her bff at school.  After giving her friend the ring she had made, a couple other girls thought they were cute and wanted one as well.  So Katie made them rings too.  Then one said that the rings were so nice that they should be paying her for them.  This is what has come out of that suggestion.

Yes, she even hired advertising - although it doesn't get out of the house.
 However that may be changing if Roo can figure out a way to escape.

I'm trying to determine what this look is telling me.  I don't think I'm going to sleep until I have figured it out.