Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Do you know what today is?

Time to change the blog name!

Happy Birthday to my little girl!!! She's had a few fun-filled days! Birthday Gifts

Sunday was Chuckie Cheese day. I'm not usually a Chuckie Cheese fan but, man, that was so much easier than having something at home. And cheaper too. And I got the "this is the best birthday party ever!" from Katie so that definitely made it worth it.

Now, the question of the day. Is Chuckie a mouse or a rat? Enquiring minds want to know.

Katie & My godson. He's a cutie and quite a dancer. LOL

This is Aunt Becky trying to get Katie to dance. Check out the cool Tinkerbell jeans. LOL

Today Katie and I went to Build A Bear, played in her pool and went out to dinner with Nana & Papa. She was asleep well before we got home from the restaurant, but she did manage to stay up for the movie we had planned on watching after she woke up.

Did I mention she has two more loose teeth? Ugh.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Family picture

Not keeping this up, so if you saw it, you were lucky. ;)

Katie told me the other day that I used to be pretty when I wore contacts. I really need to teach this child tact.

The dentist appointment

My daughter went to the dentist last Friday and he told JC that not only was she losing her other bottom tooth, which we knew, but she would also be losing her top two before Christmas.

The tooth fairy is going to need to take out a loan. Duh

Saturday, July 21, 2007

That free fish is getting more expensive...

Not to mention the free fish already died... We went and bought more things for the tank (filter, top, etc.) and since we were there... four more fish. Two algae eating shrimp, one something or other that eats stuff off the tank, and one more black goldfish (we already have one). The black goldfish that we have is named Madeliene. Katie wanted another one that was small so that Madeliene could have an adopted daughter. I'm not sure how she's going to feel about Madeliene and her new daughter Cassie once she figures out that they are probably going to eat the shrimp. Yep, as we were checking out, the cashier whispered that once the black goldfish got bigger it might eat the shrimp. I said great, we already have a big one... Guess we'll see what happens.

On the way home Katie was talking about the shrimp and how they were "allergy eating" shrimp. Once we stopped giggling, we corrected her, but I really wish that there was an allergy eating something. That would be very helpful.

We also went and got pictures taken this morning. For anyone that does not realize what will be happening on this blog soon, it is almost time to change the name again. Here are the pictures:

There is one of the three of us, but that one has to be..ahem..tinkered with... before I post it. :) Oh, and if you want to know what is natural Katie from among the pictures above... well, let's see if you can figure it out. Guess. I'll let you know who is right - if anyone turns out to be wrong. LOL

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fishing pictures

Katie and Papa
All her worm pets...

Yes, I said pets. We had two boxes of worms. She let us use the one box for fishing and the other box she named and played with until we left and I made her put them in the dirt at Papa's house. She wanted to bring them back home with her. Have I mentioned that my daughter has an icky side? LOL She did inspire me to bait my own hook though. I usually make JC do that, and actually did over the weekend, but at one point he was too far away from me so I decided if she could pick them up so could I. ::shudder::

She also spent alot of her time with a little girl that lives there catching minnows with a net. LOL

I realized when I looked at the pictures that I have not managed to get one with the missing tooth yet. I'll have to try for that later.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Apparently I'm not done with the other blog


Went Fishin'

We were out of town this weekend at JC's dad's "cottage". It was very fun and we got some fishing in. I have a couple pictures that I'll post when I'm back home. I just didn't want you guys to think I had left you all alone again. LOL

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Katie has lost her tooth. She was eating corn on the cob at Cynthia's and thought that a piece of corn that fell on her plate had blood on it. She didn't realize it was her tooth. Pictures of the toothless smile will follow soon..... Missing Teeth

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

When I'm Queen...

has a new post. I know, you don't believe me....


Odds N Ends

My child is turning into a pre-teen way too early. She is sporting some blue nail polish and asking for wedge heels. Okay, I think the nail polish looks cute, but the shoes were a no go. Even though I thought they were cute. Cool And yes, I hid behind Daddy while saying no to the shoes. I told her that JC would kill me. I did say no first, but then added the part about being killed. And considering the "oh so thrilled" reaction he had to the blue nail polish, I can pretty much guess that I'm right.

Okay, I have a funny story even though it's a little gross. Libby, I'm sure you'll like this one. LOL Last night I was putting Katie to bed and she was discussing how she was going to come home after college and live with us until her house was ready. Yeah, I'm not sure what the details are on the house, but it was late and I was afraid to ask. Then she said, no, she'd just live with us and her husband.. and where would we put the baby... Thinking So she decided we'd make a room across from hers (this is after I declined to sleep with the child in my room). She wanted me to walk out her door and across the hall toward the wall so I'd know exactly where she wanted the room. So I got up walked out the door and kept walking until I bumped my head on the wall figuring I'd get a laugh out of her (my daughter seems to think it's funny when certain people are in pain - she likes slapstick). Well she laughed and passed gas at the same time... which made her say "I can't believe it! Even my butt is laughing!". Laughing 1 At which point I almost passed out laughing. She is a nut.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sorry I'm Late.... Happy 4th!!!!

Happy Hat Smiley Fireworks

Hope everyone had a great 4th! And Debbie, here's the answer to your question -
We went to my boss' house last night (the 3rd) and while Katie was fine watching the fireworks (rain didn't start until right after Smile ), she was bored with them. I officially give up. Maybe she's just too young or maybe she's just not going to get into them. Who knows?

But, she had a good time today at Nana's & Papa's house. I think Nana probably went to bed as soon as we left. Teethy She is now trying to get a slumber party at Nana's set up.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fireworks (Post #3 of the day)

I know, can you believe it? Three posts in one day. I really must be trying not to do anything around the house. Shy Whistler ANYWAY.... We went to Aunt Becky's house for a party yesterday. Everything was going great, Katie was having a good time. Well, yeah, there were a few rough patches but she worked through them and really started enjoying herself when another little girl showed up. She was really looking forward to the fireworks too and loved the little ones that the older kids did on a driveway. So time for the big fireworks comes and we pull up some seats. She's on the chair next to me as they start. At first she was mesmerized and wanted to run around collecting the "fire sticks" that were landing. Of course we only let her grab one that landed nearby, but she really wanted to collect a few.

Then the nice fireworks started. You know, the ones that explode into lots of sparkly colors. I'm looking up at one and then look over at my daughter to see her reaction. Instead of the open mouthed surprise and happiness I expect to see, I see sheer terror in her eyes. She told me that she was scared and popped onto my lap. I thought that once she was in my lap she would be alright. Until the next one went up. Picture screaming hysterically while Daddy carries her inside followed closely by Mommy. She apparently is afraid of them falling on her, although I'm not sure why. She tried a couple more times to watch them. The last time she actually asked, "Why am I scared of them while everyone else is enjoying them?" I told her that maybe she was just a bit too young.

We are going to a roof-top party Tuesday night and will be watching the fireworks over the lake. She thinks that she will be okay if the fireworks are far away. We'll see.
Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks

Loose Tooth (Post #2 of the day)

I don't know if I mentioned it earlier, but Katie has a loose tooth. Her first. It was a little loose a few weeks ago, but I stopped hearing about it and since it was barely moving, I forgot about it. Well, it is now very loose and you can see the other tooth growing in behind it. And it seems very big to me. Like, I'm thinking a second baby tooth is going to have to come out to make way for that new tooth.

Katie has decided that she would really like to have a piece of string wrapped around it and then a doorknob ... you know the drill. Why she would want to do this willingly, I'm not sure. I would much rather take Nana's advice and eat an Oreo. Apparently that has worked on me. Cookies 3... Okay, now I'm hungry for cookies.

She has told everyone that she has seen about this loose tooth. She's quite excited... Umm, by the way, does anyone know what a tooth is going for these days? I think I'm going to be contacting that tooth fairy soon.... Fairy Tooth

I wish there were some oreos around here.....

Well, it happened... twice (Post #1 of the day)

Not a week after the fish entered our lives, two have gone belly up. The first being the free fish that we received from Church last week. Friday afternoon Katie came in the door and went to see the fish. She came running back to the door yelling for me because Herman was floating upside down and she was hysterical. After talking to her for a few minutes about everything we had talked about the Sunday that we got all the fish she did calm down. I told her when Daddy came home he would take it out... okay, I was being a coward... sue me.

Thankfully she was discussing flushing the fish, not burying it. She did ask me why you flushed fish and I told her it was more appropriate since they came from the water to send them back to the water. You know we learned in Finding Nemo that "all drains lead back to the ocean". When JC got home he took out the fish and let her carry him to the toilet.

The very next day she and I went to feed the fish and I noticed another one at the bottom of the tank. I took it out this time (yes, I know, I can be brave when I want to be) and again she carried it to the toilet. This time she wanted to say a prayer, which we did. Then we flushed. Except he didn't go down. Then my daughter hatched her plan.

Let's leave him in there and not tell Daddy. Then when he goes to the bathroom he'll see the fish in the toilet!!! I, of course, agreed to this plan wholeheartedly. However, I was then given the assignment of making sure Daddy decided to use the downstairs washroom. You may think that was a hard job to do, but I just walked up to him and told him to pretend he had to go to the washroom. Sometimes the direct approach is best. Especially with my husband. He, of course, pretended surprise ... and then flushed the toilet again so the fish would stay down ... why didn't I think of that?