Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fieldtrip on Wednesday

I am taking Wednesday off to go on a field trip with Katie and her class. It involves a hayride. Did I mention I'm allergic to hay? I believe this child might end up killing me before the first frost can hit and save me. Actually, I really wanted to go on the field trip because Katie complained last year when I wasn't being a room mom. Of course, this year I try to sign up to be a room mom and my child leaves the form in her desk and never turns it in. I just can't win.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sidewalk Fair

Katie's school had a sidewalk fair over the weekend. They sell a square of the sidewalk around the school for six dollars and give you pastels to draw a picture on the square. It's pretty amazing how many good artists are out there. There were even a few political statements - and this is from an elementary school! There was a square that said "Justice" and "Jena 6". There was an Obama square and then, of course, the local sport teams. And Sponge Bob. Plenty of Sponge Bob.

They also had animals there, which made Katie's day. She got to hold a rooster, a rabbit, a duck and touch an alligator and snake.

She drew out what she wanted to put on the sidewalk the night before (that's the drawing that she's holding up in the picture) and we tried to duplicate it on the sidewalk. I think we did a pretty good job. The towers got redecorated once we were there and there were a few more additions. The guard at the drawbridge is JC's, the dragon in the middle tower is mine (although JC drew the flames). I hadn't drawn flames because he was supposed to be sleeping per the "boss". She was not happy that JC had woke him up. LOL We had a good time though. It was totally worth the allergy problems I've been having all day. Did I mention I'm allergic to sidewalk chalk?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Update on baby fish

Baby fish are popping up one at a time while we're not looking. We currently have three baby fish swimming safely around the breeder tank. I'm sure some have been gobbled up since we have no idea who is actually having the babies so we can't stick the Mom in the breeder tank too. And we're thinking that the babies have already been born and some are just coming out of hiding, so we probably won't figure out who the Mom is unless the babies end up with her eyes. LOL

I need to figure out how to use smileycentral with Firefox. I miss my smileys. Does anyone know?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ack! Our fish are having fish!

Sunday morning Katie was looking at her tank and said, "Mama, there's a baby fish in the tank." I asked her if she was sure it wasn't a piece of food and she was pretty adamant about it being a baby fish. JC went over to look and told me to come over, there definitely was a baby fish in the tank.

One baby fish. Do you see it coming?

Now, not having known fish to have one offspring and call it a day, I looked at JC and said quietly, I'm guessing there were more. He agreed. After they had walked away from the tank, I witnessed what can only be described as a convergence of half our tank in the corner that the baby had been swimming in. There was a lot of darting, pushing, chasing and then... no baby. Eek.

Katie was very upset with the fish that ate the baby - and I mean MAD not sad - and is planning on figuring out which one it was and putting them on punishment. Why are you asking me that? I don't know what kind of punishment you put fish on or how she's going to determine who should be punished. She may interrogate them, I have no idea.

We will be on the lookout for pregnant bellies (do fish have those?) so we can try to avoid the feeding frenzy in the future. I wonder how many males/females are in that tank? You know we buy them in pairs..... Fishy

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I love my daughter, I love my daughter, I love my daughter

Here is the birthday card that I received from my daughter. Can I just say that it's a good thing that she's just learning to read and bought the card because she liked the fish? Needless to say, JC was quite relieved when instead of killing everyone in sight, primarily him for letting her get the card, I laughed so hard I started crying. Katie, of course, had no idea why I thought the card was so funny. And had anybody else given it to me, I wouldn't have. Lucky girl. This one is getting put away so I can show her what a trouble maker she was. LOL

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Two Momentous Events

But before we get to that, I promised you pictures. These are from the water park at the Zoo. The many faces of Katie. LOL

I love this picture.

Okay, maybe I am a bit chilly???

Okay, now to the stories. The first one has me finally victorious in war of wills with my child. Since school has started, I've been making Katie's lunch. Knowing that she likes peaches, I bought cups of diced peaches that she could take with her. I thought it would be easier, and cleaner, than her eating a whole peach. After I bought the peaches, Katie told me that she did not want them, would not try them and basically wanted nothing to do with them. We argued back and forth because she likes peaches, but was convinced she would not like these.

So I told her that she could not have dessert until she tried the peaches. That was Wednesday. So since then, she would ask for dessert and I would ask if she was going to try the peaches. She'd say no and I'd say, okay, no dessert. She said she was never going to try them and I said that she wouldn't be getting dessert until she did.

Tonight while we were eating dinner, Katie said that she was saving room for dessert. Thinking that she had forgotten, I asked her if she was going to try the peaches. She said YES!!!! Then she told JC that she thought she wasn't going to get dessert again until she moved out of the house unless she tried the peaches.

So I won. I won. I won, I won, I won. Finally.

The other news is that Katie lost her second tooth in her sleep last night. It just fell out. LOL She rolled over and onto it. So she woke up, picked it up and took it into the bathroom to see what it was. Once she figured it out, she realized that she was bleeding and blotted her mouth. And kept the tissue she used to show it to me this morning. I have no idea why she didn't wake me up, but she handled the whole thing herself.

Oh! And she has a theory. She thinks that the tooth fairy collects the baby teeth that kids lose and gives them to babies who haven't gotten their teeth yet.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

We made it through a week

Okay, first week of school accomplished. She appears to like it, although she really appears to like JC and I taking her and picking her up too. And so did I. I may have to sneak a few more of those in during the year. She has not had any homework yet, although she did forget to bring her folder home on Friday, so I can't say that for sure. If she doesn't start getting homework soon, we're going to have to continue with the books we bought for her to work on over the summer. I think maybe they are just testing to see what everyone knows after their individual kindergarten experiences. I'm hoping that's it anyway. I do like her teacher though, she's very nice.

We are going to go to the zoo today, so hopefully I'll have some pictures to share.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

1st Day of school - part 2

We walked to school today. I was testing her on spelling words while we walked. I'm sure that she couldn't wait to get to school - and away from me.

You can't see it, but her backpack - which she picked out - says "It's hard being this cute". I rolled my eyes so hard when I heard that I was afraid they were going to stick that way. To be fair, she liked the picture of the cat, and didn't know what it said.

And here she is before we started walking. She was ready to go back. And really enjoyed her first day - of course, homework starts tomorrow so who knows if that will last. LOL She did think that a full day meant she'd be coming home around the time I got home from work, so she was pleasantly surprised to be home as early as she was.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Is it possible

to go through post partem six years later? Katie starts 1st grade tomorrow and I don't want her to. I want her to stay home and play. She can learn later. Okay, I don't mind her learning, but does she have to go to school to do it? I know the answer to that question is yes, but I still don't like it. When she was trying to convince me that 1/2 days should continue until 2nd grade, I started thinking it was a pretty good idea.

She is looking forward to school. She just told me as I put her to bed that she had a big day ahead of her tomorrow. We both do. I might stay in bed under the covers though.