Monday, August 27, 2007

It's not that I'm ignoring you...

I just haven't had anything to post about. I'm sure that I probably have, but things happen so fast that you forget. I'm sure with school starting next week I'll have plenty to tell you. LOL Katie's "school bedtime" went into effect yesterday, so she's getting into the groove. She is looking forward to it even with the knowledge that it's all day.
I'm hoping that lasts past the first day.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Well, I've had to have the talk...

No, not that talk, jeez, she's only 6. I've got at least 6 more months before we have to have that talk.

I'm referring to the "Kindergarten is the last year of 1/2 day school". Yes, last night I had to break the brutal truth of a normal school day to my child. She was not happy. I mentioned that school would be starting in two weeks, which at first really excited her. Then she said "I hope I get half..." I was shaking my head before she could finish. I told her that 1st grade was a full day grade. She tried to bargain with me to start full days in 2nd grade. I have to give her credit, I didn't see that coming. So she is now aware that she will be in school for a full day, although I doubt she understands exactly how long that is. With any luck she thinks she'll be in school until I get home from work so the realty will be a good thing. LOL

Thursday, August 09, 2007

This is Roo. He was tortured mercilessly the other night. More than once. The first time was when my daughter, who was supposed to be sleeping, apparently got out of bed and decided to try to wash Roo.

He appeared on my lap with a wet, matted head and back. Immediately suspecting my daughter I headed upstairs to interrogate her. She said that she had been washing her hands and they had dripped on Roo...alot. Help.

So I grabbed a towel and Roo and went back downstairs to try to dry him off. That's when I noticed. The bubbles. That's why his fur was matted. There was suds in it. After more interrogation I was told "just a little" soap was applied. Uh huh. Sending Katie back upstairs to bed, I attempted to take Roo into the washroom to rinse him off. Mental note: prepare better when about to place cat in water. A couple scratches later and no improvement since the water never got warm enough for me to use, I gave up until JC got home. It took two of us to get him under the water and rinsed off. He stopped speaking to us for a night. It was such a peaceful night....

These are the flowers that Katie and I made tonight with paper and pipe cleaner. No, I did not think of that myself, it came in a kit. And I know it has nothing to do with the cat, but they were colorful and I liked them. LOL

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our fish tank looks like the 2nd Coming...

Meaning more than half of it has been wiped out. There seems to have been a feeding frenzy.Shark 2 Two fish out of five that were added to the tank on Sunday have turned out to be a little too aggressive. Like "let's eat all the other fish in the tank" aggressive. Currently the remaining goldfish has been removed from the tank for her own safety but I'm not sure she's still going to be around when I get home from work. Another fish was last seen fleeing for it's life, so I'm pretty sure that will be a goner. And our poor shrimp was being cornered by the aggressors.

I called Katie to let her know what was going on in the tank in case she got home before me. She's taking it well and even discussed with me what we should do with these two rowdy fish. She suggested we set up a 2nd tank, but that has officially been vetoed. She mentioned that we may have to just kill them. That made me laugh, I guess she doesn't feel bad for them since they ate all the other fish. JC wants to take them back to the store since they didn't mention that they were aggressive. I want to put them in a big bowl on the coffee table and see how they handle two cats. I think that JC is going to win this one though because his makes the most sense to me....although he did like my idea too. LOL

I can't wait to see how many fish we have when I get home. Sunday we had 10 fish and 5 shrimp. We are down right now to a confirmed 5 fish and 2 or 3 shrimp. I'm guessing by the time I get home 3 or 4 fish and possibly 0 shrimp. Guess it's back to the pet store....

Monday, August 06, 2007


Katie: Mommy, can a person have two boyfriends?

Me (after long pause): It depends on the circumstances, I'll explain more when you're older.

JC (after what sounded like a head repeatedly hitting a wall from the other room): Thank you....

Rolling Eyes I was kidding about JC's head hitting the wall. He didn't have enough strength to get to the wall after the mini-stroke.

Friday, August 03, 2007

LOL, you aren't going to believe what I found....

Chuck E Cheese - Rat or Mouse?

The question answered. LOL

"Chuck E. Cheese circa 1977 - 1980 The very 1st version of Chuck E. Cheese featured him as a rat, often with a cane."

"Chuck E. Cheese circa 1995 - 1998The 7th version of Chuck E. Cheese was all decked out in sports clothes. This was when Chuck E. became a full fledged mouse."

So we're all right! LOL