Thursday, May 29, 2008

Zoo pictures

Our first zoo trip of the season. I let Katie spend time in the one building full of activities that we don't usually get to spend time in. So we painted her face, she got to act like a Lemar keeper (not pictured), she played vet to an Aardvark, misted some plants and set up her own exhibit, isn't it lovely? It's full of plastic bugs, but the picture didn't pick them up so well. We also went through the butterfly house. The butterfly on the T-shirt is not her, it's the friend that she made in the butterfly house. I didn't want to show her face on the web, although we have plenty of pictures of her - I gave Katie the camera. Snappy

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day Male SaluteFlag HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!!!!!

Have a fun and safe holiday!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Okay, we had a little vision scare. Katie did not pass the school's vision test so we had an official eye exam today. She did well and does not need glasses, although the doctor said to bring her back in a year.

Katie had said that she didn't need glasses, but I told her we'd make sure we picked out a cute pair if she needed them. Then she asked if she could get contacts. Um, no. Ugh. 'Cause I can see her sticking a contact in her eye. I told her if she needed glasses, she could get contacts when she was 16. She then proceeded to act like that was 100 years from now.

Saturday we will be going to the zoo, so I'll make sure I post pictures after that trip. I promise. Notice I'm not saying when. LOL

Oh! Note to all family members - if you have any pictures that have both JC and I in them, please email them to me. I'd like to get started on our family profile for our adoption process and I've noticed that there are no pictures of JC and I together. Okay, one. I need to have proof that he's more than some acquaintance that I met once. LOL

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day and stuff

Katie made me a bunch of stuff for Mother's Day, but what I thought was really cool was that she wrote me a song... she wouldn't sing it for me, but she wrote it. She got shy about singing it and I couldn't coax it out of her. I even asked her if she wanted to sing it to me while I was in the shower so I wouldn't be looking at her, but no luck.

I talked to Katie and told her that we were going to be thinking about adoption now and she agreed it was a good idea. Then she told me if we didn't have enough money we could have some from her piggy bank. Such a sweetie. Then she asked if we could buy two. Um, YIKES! I said (after clearing up that we're not buying a baby) I think one is enough. She suggested that we get another one in 10 years, but after I told her how old I would be in ten years and watching her eyes pop out, I think she got the idea that I probably wasn't going to be wanting to go down this path again in 10 years. LOL

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hello All

Okay, this post is more of an update on me, which I never do, then one on Katie. I'm sure that one of those will be coming soon. I'm afraid if it doesn't Christine may try to hunt me down. :)

As Katie has been requesting a sibling for some time now, I'm beginning to believe that she would like a baby sister - or brother - but if she had her way..... We have been trying, and anyone that knows me IRL knows that we have been battling secondary infertility. We have decided recently to look into domestic infant adoption. I'm not planning on telling Katie any of this until there's something positive and permanent to tell her, but I did mention a while ago that if God wasn't giving us a baby we would think about adopting. I'm just not sure she completely got it, but she probably did and just doesn't remember. You know, that selective hearing that children - and men - seem to have.

We are also going to talk to my doctor about one more thing we can try medically, but the waiting list for that could be as long as an adoption, so I'm not holding my breath.

So, I just wanted to let you know that I hadn't forgotten about you. I'm just spending more time when I'm on the internet researching than I am blogging. But I promise a new Katie post soon. I hear she has a surprise for me on Mother's Day so I'm sure I'll be posting something then!