Sunday, July 31, 2011

We have entered the double digits

I cannot believe that the sweetest, kindest ... sometimes craziest ... child I know came into this world 10 years ago.  Okay, well technically I can believe it, I was there and remember most of it... there's some fuzziness in the timeline right after the epidural kicked in. :)  But I remember the important parts!  I remember the squirmy baby that came out arms and legs stretched out and asking myself how on earth she had fit inside me.

Happy Birthday Katie!  And Life with a 10 year old begins....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My daughter the chef

Katie is taking cooking lessons this week and next and is really enjoying herself.  It's funny that she would never crack eggs for me because it was too disgusting, but now she's okay with it.  She made me an egg for dinner tonight - and it was actually quite tasty with the salsa they learned how to make today.  They're learning how to make pesto & pasta tomorrow.  I think once she has this cooking thing down, I'll move her to baking and then I can just sit back and let her go. LOL

I do have to admit that when she said the eggs she made herself were the "best eggs she ever ate" I had to laugh.  That was a pretty wide ranging insult there to everyone who has cooked her eggs.   But I'll let it slide...if I get pesto tomorrow night....