Sunday, December 05, 2010

First Snowman... um...girl

 Here is Katie and my first snowman... sorry, girl.  See the pink hat?  Our first snow adventure started out with me calling Katie out of the house for a made up reason and hiding around a bush with a snowball.

You need to realize that I am not the play in the snow type person.  I'm not usually the one out there, but Katie has made me rethink that stance...a little.  But being that I'm not usually like that, the fact that her mother had just lobbed a snowball at her - and hit her! - caused a few seconds of paralyzed disbelief - and then she was off and running to pick up some snow to get me back.

After we had thrown a few snow balls I suggested we build a snowman.  Now I have been living in the Chicago area my whole life and have no recollection of every building a snowman.  I know, I know - No, I do not know what's wrong with me.  Ask my parents.  I'd tell you to ask my sisters, but the conversation may be a little long.

But we have now officially made our first snow...person...  and we're both quite proud of it.  Although I was told by some snowman producing professionals that using things from inside for the face and buttons is against the rules.  And to that I say..look at that snow face... it's the face of a rebel... can't you see it?