Sunday, January 17, 2010

She's not as smart as I thought...

I'm just kidding, my child is quite smart.  However, I assumed that when she figured out that the tooth fairy was not real she would keep it to herself until she was out of teeth. LOL    But after Church today she turned to me, and proving that she had been thinking of other things during service, said "So if Santa isn't real and the Easter bunny isn't real - does that mean that the Tooth Fairy isn't real either?"

I tried to get around this, I truly did.  I himmed, hawed and tried to change the subject but Katie can be very persistent.  When I finally couldn't take the pressure anymore I gave in and admitted the truth.  Then she started to discuss how WE were giving her the silver dollars (or half dollars, I can't actually remember)  and how when she lost her next tooth she would get ANOTHER one.  I looked at her and said, "Not if you tell Daddy you know about the tooth fairy."  She stopped dead in her tracks, looked at me and said, "Please don't tell him I know."   There's my girl.  That's what I thought was going to happen. LOL  

So everyone - ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh   :D

Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year's Eve 2009

Okay, I'm usually a very good planner. And everything did eventually turn out for the best. However, we did get off to a rocky start new year's eve. Just as we were going to head downtown to the Intercontinental Hotel for dinner and their NYE party, I read the confirmation. Which said ROSEMONT, not Downtown Chicago - it actually did say Chicago/O'Hare but the driving direction was to Rosemont. I think that may be where my online confusion came from but I'm just guessing.

So after a quick call to verify and another quick call to Keith (pictured above) and his girlfriend MB to let them know what happened we spent a few minutes rearranging dinner reservations. Everything turned out great - better for Keith and MB since they were going to drive in from Algonquin. We had a great time, heard a good cover band (okay, not sure how many of us thought they were good - but I did), saw the Gin Blossoms were also good and entertained ourselves people watching.

Meanwhile at Nana & Papa's house... apparently Papa fell asleep and Nana had to stay up with Katie. Poor Nana. She didn't sign up for that.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year!