Thursday, November 22, 2007

Uh oh... Houston we have a problem

Do you see this horse? It's name is Butterscotch. It moves it's head around, eats a carrot and may even sing I'm not sure. My daughter wants this for Christmas (among the other 500+ things she's found that she wants). This horse is not cheap. In the one catalog she was looking at it was priced at a whopping $300. I mentioned that this pony was REALLY expensive. Katie replied, "That's why I'm asking Santa for it."

Would I be a bad mom if I told her there wasn't a Santa?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Turkey Wave Pilgrim I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving! JC is working and as it stands right now, it appears that Miss Katie may be sick so it may be a quiet day for us. Unfortunately I did not grocery shop so we may have a problem when it comes to dinner. Ooops. Not that she'll miss turkey, stuffing, etc. but I will! Guess we'll just have to have a Thanksgiving dinner later. When JC is home to cook the turkey. Smile

Katie is gearing up for Christmas by telling me that she wants everything she sees on TV. Kinda reminds me of last year. I am not ready for Christmas at all. I'm not ready for it to be November... wait, uh oh.

Well, everyone have a great holiday. I'll try to post more between work and work. Ugh.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I understand why tigers eat their young

I'm sitting here waiting for my daughter to finish her spinach. I could be here for a while. She has turned complaining about eating vegetables into an art. JC and I have both had to leave the room for a period of time because the frustration was overwhelming. Between the looks of agony and the fake gagging it's a dinner show, although maybe not one you would want to watch during dinner. Did I forget about the tears?

And I channeled my father. That's right. The words "You are not leaving this table until that spinach is gone" came out of my mouth. I actually remember, correctly or not, liking spinach myself, so I'm not sure that he said that to me - but I'm sure you could replace the word spinach with something else that would fit. Like maybe liver? (And I still don't like liver! Blech.)

So I am sitting here venting about this instead of sitting on top of her and force feeding her spinach. And thinking about tigers and how they may, at some point, have the right idea....

If you're looking for Halloween pictures - see below.....

Friday, November 09, 2007

Okay, okay, okay.... lol

When Roddy comes out of the woodwork to admonish me for not posting, I guess I have to find time to post. And time is really lacking around here these days. So here are a few pictures and please take a good look at the last one (or better yet don't) because it may not last too long. LOL

Katie was my little princess again this Halloween. I've heard that my dad got a really good shot of her, so I'm hoping he emails it to me so I can post it.

Here is the princess in school concentrating on decorating her trick or treat bag while enjoying a sucker.

Here is the family. If you don't know the movie, JC and I are dressed up like Jack & Sally from a nightmare before Christmas. VERRRRY unflattering, but the kids at school liked that I was dressed up. JC dressed up for trick or treating after school. I had to lose the wig, it kept moving around. I didn't wear it to the school because it kept falling forward and I didn't think that would work while I was trying to help the kids with cupcakes, etc.

Okay, now I'm getting candy cravings.... time to hit Katie's candy. LOL