Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas, New Year's and Holiday lights at the Zoo

There was a nice side-effect to Katie learning about Santa - she likes to wrap gifts. Our gifts were wrapped and under the tree as they were brought into the house this year. Very nice. :)

This Christmas was much more pleasant than last Christmas. And much more appreciated than last year. Last year I wasn't in the Christmas mood but I made up for it this year!

Katie's too most loved presents this year were her new DS and her Easy Bake Oven. Are you aware that the Easy Bake Oven cooks with a light bulb? Can a light bulb cook? I'm scared... for my stomach...because you know she's going to make me eat this stuff, right? Actually, we have made sugar cookies in it and they were actually a little overcooked - I'm not sure how. But I did not hear the same thing about the chocolate chip cookies she made with her cousin while I wasn't around.

Katie is ringing in the New Year with Papa this year while JC and I spend New Year's Eve downtown. She's very excited - and I did check with Papa to make sure that he would stay up. Apparently the zoo has a New Year's Eve celebration but she wasn't even going to ask Papa about that - she just wanted me to know. I have a feeling I know what we're doing next year.

We did the zoo Holiday lights last night - that's what the pictures are from. It was fun - although very cold. But the lights were great! Better than the last time we went.