Friday, April 21, 2006

Pics and Conversation

Here's my cheesy Easter girl and the bunny cake that we made for Easter.

I had a conversation with Katie today. I have been noticing lately that the full-length mirror on our bathroom door has been massively smudged, smeared, shall we say...messed up.

I hadn't thought too much about it because I assumed that I knew who was behind it. I was corrected this evening. Apparently it's a mystery..although there is a suspect.

I was getting Katie ready for bed and we were in the bathroom. As we were walking out she said...

"Why is there steam still on the mirror?"

Me: That's not steam, someone messed up the mirror.

Katie: Not me!

Me: I wonder what whoever did that used to get the mirror looking like that.

Katie: I didn't do it, but I think maybe they were trying to clean the mirror and maybe they used a wipe.

Me: Well, that didn't help did it?

Katie: No, and maybe they used a little bit of soap too!

Me: Soap? Well we know that doesn't work either, huh? I hope that whoever it was doesn't do that again.

Katie: It wasn't me. I think it may have been Cynthia when I wasn't here to tell her.

So, Cynthia? Why are you messing up my mirrors?

Technical difficulties

I had a post on here that was not taking comments. When I went to check it, it disappeared completely. I was able to copy the text, but I will post it again with pics tonight.

Sorry if you saw it and tried to comment.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Almost Easter....

Katie is pretty excited about Easter. Although the most excited I saw her was when I was telling her what Good Friday and Easter represented. We had to have a small chat about the fact that she thought Jesus was coming back tomorrow.

We are coloring Easter eggs tonight at JC's sister's house, so I will try to remember to take the camera with and post pics. Painted Head Easter Basket

I'll be back!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


We took Katie to the Shedd Aquarium today. They have a new lizard exhibit and she is a reptile nut so, of course, we had to go. She had a great time leading us around the place. Seeing that we were not home during nap time, she was able to skip her nap today. When I put her to bed I told her that since I hadn't put her down for a nap, I expected her to go right to sleep. I was told that her brain had been asleep and that she had been sleep walking, so she really had taken a nap. Shy

She got a star fish painted on her face while we were there. I took pictures, but I'll post them tomorrow. When the woman asked her what she wanted, she said a kitty. Smile I told her that she better look at the pictures on the table. It was more of a fishy thing. LOL