Saturday, March 22, 2008

"6 Year Old Gets Political"

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not a big Hillary fan. At all. Ever. So even though I'm usually a Republican by nature, I've been supporting Barack during the primaries. Katie seems to have caught onto this. There have been two comments from her that have cracked me up. One was in front of me, one was a conversation with Cynthia.

The first was during a conversation that she and I were having. Primary returns have been on the TV in my house alot, so she's gotten a little lesson on what's going on. I was explaining the race for the presidency to her and told her that whoever wins the primaries will run in November to find out who's going to be president (okay, did not get into superdelegates with her - I hardly understand them - or the need, but that's for another post on another blog on another day). Once I said the president would be voted for in November she said "Well, I HOPE it's not Hillary Clinton."

That's my girl. I cracked up.

Second story. Katie and Cynthia were at a McDonald's with a TV the other day and they were talking politics on the TV. Katie said, "ssshhh, ssshhhh, they're talking about the presidency, this is important to me." Then she was annoyed when Hillary came on the screen, but rallied when she saw Obama. She made Cynthia read the closed caption to her so she would know what they were saying. I've created a monster.

Now, the question, what happens if I decide in the real election to go back to Republican? I'm going to have alot of explaining to do. LOL