Monday, January 16, 2006

Who says she can't stay focused?

Momma, momma, I want a Herbie...Furbie, Furbie!

Honey, those are for kids older than you.

But I saw one at Wal-Mart and I talked to it.

Uh-huh, can we please talk about this after dinner?

Some adult conversation ensues as JC and I try to talk. Out of the blue a few minutes later...

Cynthia says that they are for 4 year olds!

We are done talking about this right now.

Okay. No

Can I take the dog for a walk with Daddy after dinner?

Yes (great - we're off the furby thing).

I have one thing to do before we walk the dog.

Oh you do? What is that?

I have to check something on dot com.

What do you have to check on dot com? Try saying that without laughing. I was having trouble.

I have to check if a furby is for 4 year olds. Perturbed

Conclusion: I checked with her, they are for 6 and up. Thank you Amazon DOT COM for backing me up on this one. WooHoo


Christine said...

Oh get her the Furbie ya big meany

Becky said...

LOL She is quite the persistent one! So should I bring up Furby at dinner tonite????

Gary said...

I think she's learned how to wear you down. Smart kid.

loveabulls said...

LOL.........I can not stop laughing.....LOL LOL LOL

This is great!!!!!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Now just a damn minute. How about for precocious 4-year-olds? Which you apparently have one of...

kimmyk said...

Why don'tcha wanna get her a furby? My kid has 3-she doesn't play with-send me your address and I'll the little princess one of hers..gladly.

Libby said...

tiffany & i EACH have a Furby...mine is black & hers is white!!

Mary said...

I'm beginning to feel outnumbered here.

Furby lovers.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

LOL. This was so cute!

Get that poor babe a Furbie.

loveabulls said...

Katie gets the furbie? I'll gladly pick it up this week...I had a little conversation with the one she hid in Wal Mart, but it did not respond to me...maybe it is awaiting the lil one?! Are you gonna give in?