Sunday, February 12, 2006

More Pictures

This, believe it or not, was bath time. Before getting washed up! I left her alone with her bath crayons. Faint

And this, of course, is the little ballerina. She's not too much of a ham now is she? If I could figure out how to download video onto the blog, I'd share the video of her in class. I'm not sure how much she's learning, but she sure is having fun.


Libby said... KNOW she is absolutely gorgeous, and i promise to watch every movie she's in!!

Debbie said...

What a sweetie!!

Becky said...

The ballerina picture is so cute! The bath picture? Well, I suggest you use that as blackmail when she gets to be dating age! :) LOL

loveabulls said...

The ballerina picture is the best ever...but the one in the tub depicts the true blue little when will she be getting her first tattoo? lol

kimmyk said...

i useta wonder who made those bathtub toys/floamy things. i mean they make huge messes good thing they're for the tub. my kids useta play in the tub for hours-we'd have to let the water out and run it full again.

she's a sweetie Mary!