Thursday, August 24, 2006

Long awaited for birthday party pics.. uh huh

I've been getting yelled at for not posting so here we go. To be fair we did just get back from vacation. To be honest we just left last Friday, so we weren't gone that long. I will have to post some vacation pics later, we had a lot of fun.

Katie is coming up with quotes faster than I can write them down. She has made a visible change having turned 5. It's like she feels a year (okay 10) older. And can I just say - I don't like it!!! Okay, that's done.

And my 5 year old doing her nails for the first time like she's been doing them for 10 years already. Ugh.


Debbie said...

Our kids grow up too fast don't they. I keep telling Cheyanne to grow up and act like she's 9. Her dad tells her to stop growing and stay his little girl. The child is soooo confused. It looks like Katie had a good time at her party.

Becky said...

Ok, so did the nailpolish come from the makeup kit I bought her? hee hee hee

kimmyk said...

how sweet doing her nails.

they grow up so fast Mary it's sickening isn't it? enjoy her while you can.