Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Thought I'd just pop in and give everyone an update on our favorite 5 year old.

A week from this Saturday is the school's Father/Daughter dance. Too cute. She and I will be shopping for a dress on Sunday. At least it won't be like buying a prom dress $$-wise. She's very excited. I'm wondering if she's going to last the whole time since it runs from 7 to 10 and her bedtime is 8. I think JC may wilt before her though.

Katie has started her new tap/ballet class, so I'm sure there will be some entertaining moments coming from that. I gave her the choice between drama and dance and she picked dance. Probably figured, correctly, that she didn't need any help in the drama department.

She has made a few humorous comments lately, but they are all ... umm... too embarrassing for me to repeat. Hopefully she'll be providing something that I can use soon. Oh wait, I can think of one. We were on the way to Church on Sunday and we were listening to the country station. A song came on that had the father singing to the daughter and I started tearing up. I changed the station and got the "I liked that song" from the backseat. I told her that I did too, but that it was making me cry. She asked why and I told her that if a song is really beautiful sometimes it makes me cry.

Do you see it coming? Do you?

We're sitting in Church listening to the guest band play a song and I hear "sniff, sniff". "The song is beautiful...." Ugh. I've created a monster.

I think that's it for now. I'll be back!


Becky said...

Now, really Mary, you had to KNOW that was coming. You gave her something to be dramatic about. HELLO!!!! :p

Mary said...

Unfortunately it was out of my mouth before I realized what I was doing.

Debbie said...

That was good. I got a nice chuckle...no an all out laugh from that story. She just knows how to play you just like a violin doesn't she Mary. Oh wait sniff sniff she played that so beautifully.