Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I can't believe I forgot to tell you

Our daughter has been begging us for a fish for quite some time now. We have been putting it off since JC has the 55 gallon tank that he plans on setting up whenever the house gets started finished. Well, thanks to some Divine intervention, she has a fish. At Church Sunday all the children caught their own fish (these are goldfish, etc. people, let's think nets not rods) and got to take them home.

So she received a "free" fish. Seventy dollars later, we had a 20 gallon tank (which JC actually already had stashed in the basement), air pump, gravel, chemicals, food and 6 MORE FISH. My child is very happy about her new pets, Fast Herman Shock 3 , Madeline, etc. etc. (I have to admit I don't know if they all have names or what they are if they have.)

We did have a discussion on how fish don't always stick around a long time, how cats do eat fish if they can get ahold of them and not to blame the cats if that happens because it's just their nature.... Wanted to cover all bases in case someone went belly up. I'm actually expecting that to be one of the cats when they go fishing in the tank. Either they don't know that they are there or the fish are too small for them to worry about. I'm guessing they haven't figured out that they are there yet.

They will be discussing pet heaven in Church next week. Thumbs Up


Roddy,,,glug...glug said...

Then there is the whole Finding Nemo concept!!Gulp!
Fish are excellent emulsion for the landscape/garden.(discard water and fish in garden when Katie,lol,is cleaning the tank out)
Wow,brings back fond memories of Fun Fair catches by Ashleigh & Nicole. Amazing how much fish can actually change in the tank while children are asleep or away for a few hours! Only replace them with relatives of their own kind! ha Let's see, she will be six soon,I sense a hamster in your future Mary :0!
Or do I hear GECKO?
Oh the stories we could share,at a lunch or two!
Don't you know woman,,, if there is a tank in the house they will come.

Mary said...

Yep, no hamster. The cats might mistake it for a mouse. One of my cats is a proven mouser and I have no doubt she would figure out a cage. She once unhooked her collar using the heat vent. She hasn't worn a collar since then. LOL

I would not put it past Katie to want a gecko though, she loves lizards. The pet rule though is that she doesn't get anything that she (or JC) can't take care of themselves. This rule was put in place after the addition of Sherlock. ::picture rolling eyes:: I don't mind feeding fish every so often. That I can do. :)