Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Turkey Wave Pilgrim I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving! JC is working and as it stands right now, it appears that Miss Katie may be sick so it may be a quiet day for us. Unfortunately I did not grocery shop so we may have a problem when it comes to dinner. Ooops. Not that she'll miss turkey, stuffing, etc. but I will! Guess we'll just have to have a Thanksgiving dinner later. When JC is home to cook the turkey. Smile

Katie is gearing up for Christmas by telling me that she wants everything she sees on TV. Kinda reminds me of last year. I am not ready for Christmas at all. I'm not ready for it to be November... wait, uh oh.

Well, everyone have a great holiday. I'll try to post more between work and work. Ugh.

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