Friday, February 29, 2008

I really haven't disappeared off the face of the earth....

It just feels like it. Work is just crazy and there's barely any time for anything else these days.

Katie is doing really well. Although I have to have a talk with the school. They celebrate the 100th day of school. So after they hit the 100th day and made such a big deal out of it, Katie decided that they were done. They made it to 100 and there really was no point to continue. She tried explaining this to anyone who would listen, but didn't find any takers. Happy

OH! I may have mentioned last year that one of my daughter's classsmates Mom's wanted to get the kids together for a lunch "date". Her classmate is a little boy. Last year she had mentioned to Cynthia that he had already had a girlfriend but that she had moved away. I never called her. I thought it was a ridiculous idea. My child did not have to be "dating" at the age of 5. A couple days ago, Katie came home with this same little boy's phone number because they want to set up a playdate. UUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Out of her whole Kindergarten class she only had three end up in her 1st grade class, he just had to be one of them. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against this little boy, I just think that he may be raised to have ideas that I am just not comfortable with. But hey, at least my daughter was calling it a play date. Of course, that may have been for my benefit. Rolling Eyes


Debbie said...

Your daughter cracks me up:) Wouldn't she find it rather boring to be home all day and not go to school and see her friends.

As for the boy issue, Cheyanne kinda had the same situation, twice. Once in preschool a little boy kept calling wanting a playdate with Cheyanne. Mind you his mom never talked to me. She encouraged her son to call Cheyanne directly. Caller Id is a wonderful thing, I just wouldn't answer the phone when he called or have Cheyanne call him back. I know, I rude am I. Last year a boy asked Cheyanne to be his girlfriend. Cheyanne said "I don't know". He asked again the next day and thankfully she said "Uh, I don't think so." I encourage Cheyanne to think boys are yucky. Hopefully she will keep that thinking for a while.

Becky said...

Ok, Katie makes me laugh. Although, Debbie, your encouragement of the "boys are yucky" theory makes me laugh harder! Why is it that we think that when we are young, then we forget, then we get older and go back to "boys are yucky"! LOL

And I agree with Katie, did anyone tell them there were days after the 100th? She is going to grow up to be an actress, or a politician, one of the two! LOL

Libby said...

...maybe both combined, the way most politicians are!