Wednesday, May 27, 2009


One of the things that Katie has gotten into lately is archery. She's pretty good at it from what I've heard, though I have yet to see it. But I know she hits the bullseye alot because she comes home with pins/medals for doing that. ** Okay - update ** I did see her shoot her bow at the family reunion and here is a picture.

She wants to find a martial arts class as well and I have to say, I have some mixed feelings about this. I mean, who do you think she's going to practice on? I'm preparing for bruising.

Katie is taking communion for the first time the Sunday after this one. She's not making her "1st communion" because we don't belong to a Catholic church, but she's taking it for the first time and has studied for a while to get to this point, so she's very excited.

Okay, now for the disturbing news... at least for me. This morning when I came downstairs, Katie and Cynthia were talking and Cynthia told Katie to tell me about her bumps. While I'm wondering to myself if I have the kid's version of benedryl (my mind went straight to allergic reaction), I hear Katie say, "You tell her." I thought that was odd, so I said, "What bumps?" My daughter looks at me at this point and lifts her shirt. REALLY? She's just turning 8, is this supposed to happen? I didn't even check her out at that point because the thought of my not even 8 year old starting to develop could not/would not register in my mind. So I had a mom of the year moment and told her to pretend that they weren't there. LOL

Don't worry, I came home from work and had an actual talk with her. I just needed time to process. LOL But really? 8? Is that normal? I'm going to go hit google....

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Ah yes, and so it starts.