Monday, October 18, 2010

Yes there is a God - and don't try telling Katie otherwise...

This Sunday we had a new boy come to our Children's ministry, Promiseland.  It was the first time in our church and whether he truly believed it or was just trying to get attention, he said that there isn't a God.  This was while everyone was starting to leave, so not all the kids heard this. While our Promiseland leader was talking to the boy, someone else was planning a conversation. 

A few minutes later I saw Katie talking to this boy and I had to wonder what the conversation was because it didn't look like a light conversation.  At first when I asked her later she said she couldn't remember.  But then I asked her how she felt when he said there wasn't a God...

She blushed and said, "That's what we were talking about.  I was ticked!  I told him that there IS a God!  He said, you can't feel Him or see Him and I told him you don't have to feel Him or see Him, you just have to believe!."

The child's mom showed up at that point so the conversation ended.    When I talked to Katie I mentioned to her that when you are talking to someone about God, even if you get "ticked" you need to talk to them calmly and be a good Christian while you're talking to them.  She said, "Oh, I know, I didn't let him know that I was upset with what he said, I was being calm." 

Gotta love that kid.  I told her I was very proud of her, she handled everything wonderfully.

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