Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas fun

I will post a couple pictures later, but I really didn't take too many. Sometimes I get into the "I'd rather experience the moment than try to get it on camera" mood. I didn't even take my camera out of the house this weekend.

Katie had a wonderful Christmas although she was a handful all weekend. She didn't want to go out at all Christmas Eve even though she knew there were presents at Nana & Papa's house. Once it was time to come home, however, she instructed me to call Santa and tell him that she had enough gifts (so she wouldn't have to go home and go to bed).

She also did not want to go out on Christmas Day, but once at her aunt's house did manage to have some fun. Monday night she was off to party again with Daddy - I chose to stay home, some people do have to work this week! When she realized that I was not going with she initially looked sad, but then rebounded with "Okay, that works for me!". Mmm hmm. I love my child, I love my child...


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haha!! you'll definitely need me & tiff when she's a teenager!