Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Off to a Rough Start

Okay, so puppy, sorry Sherlock (Katie's decision), is not quite as popular as we had hoped. Don't get me wrong, he's adorable and very cuddly - when he's not biting. I know that this is just a puppy thing and he has to be trained not to do this, but it is definitely annoying. And something that Katie was not counting on. Within the same 5 minute interval she will tell me that she doesn't like him too much and then loudly protect him from someone who mentions taking him home with them because they think he's cute. So they have a love/hate relationship going on right now.

My kitchen floor has a hate/hate relationship going on with him right now, but hopefully that will be remedied soon. Here's a tip, buy stock in Febreeze and Lysol.


Huw said...

They have surprisingly sharp teeth, don't they?!

Make sure to let him know early on that it hurts you - impersonate a dog's yelp.

Becky said...

They are fur covered babies. Everything goes in their mouth, including you! :) I think I'm going to buy him a crate for christmas!!!!!

Debbie said...

Try Natures Miracle for your kitchen. It works great. When he starts chewing your cupboards and furniture get some bitter apple.

Libby said...

when we had a super big & super mean dalmatian (christmas present from ken one year, when he was just a cute, cuddly little puppy) he chewed the wood in the kitchen & ruined told me to put jalapeno juice on it, that'd keep him day, i saw him licking it off the wall!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Mary said...

Huw, I will be trying that. It's more appetizing than the advice I have received to bite him back.

Becky, we have a crate. Don't ask why it hasn't been used yet.

Debbie and Libby, thank you for your helpful hints. He's not chewing on the cabinets or the furniture yet - just us!