Sunday, April 09, 2006


We took Katie to the Shedd Aquarium today. They have a new lizard exhibit and she is a reptile nut so, of course, we had to go. She had a great time leading us around the place. Seeing that we were not home during nap time, she was able to skip her nap today. When I put her to bed I told her that since I hadn't put her down for a nap, I expected her to go right to sleep. I was told that her brain had been asleep and that she had been sleep walking, so she really had taken a nap. Shy

She got a star fish painted on her face while we were there. I took pictures, but I'll post them tomorrow. When the woman asked her what she wanted, she said a kitty. Smile I told her that she better look at the pictures on the table. It was more of a fishy thing. LOL


Becky said...

That is the most creative child I swear!

Libby said...

oh mary, i can't WAIT to see the pictures!! katie is such a cool little girl! (wait til she's 13!!)

kimmyk said...

there's pictures? let's see 'em please?! you should know better than to take that child somewhere and not post the pictures. mary mary mary!