Friday, April 21, 2006

Pics and Conversation

Here's my cheesy Easter girl and the bunny cake that we made for Easter.

I had a conversation with Katie today. I have been noticing lately that the full-length mirror on our bathroom door has been massively smudged, smeared, shall we say...messed up.

I hadn't thought too much about it because I assumed that I knew who was behind it. I was corrected this evening. Apparently it's a mystery..although there is a suspect.

I was getting Katie ready for bed and we were in the bathroom. As we were walking out she said...

"Why is there steam still on the mirror?"

Me: That's not steam, someone messed up the mirror.

Katie: Not me!

Me: I wonder what whoever did that used to get the mirror looking like that.

Katie: I didn't do it, but I think maybe they were trying to clean the mirror and maybe they used a wipe.

Me: Well, that didn't help did it?

Katie: No, and maybe they used a little bit of soap too!

Me: Soap? Well we know that doesn't work either, huh? I hope that whoever it was doesn't do that again.

Katie: It wasn't me. I think it may have been Cynthia when I wasn't here to tell her.

So, Cynthia? Why are you messing up my mirrors?


Debbie said...

It's funny how kids love to mess up mirrors. I've had that same conversation with Cheyanne. Come to think of it when I was a kid I use to put my dad's shaving cream on the mirror and then use his razor to clean it off. He never knew I did that. He probably wondered how his razor got so dull so fast. I can't wait to read Cynthia's response.

kimmyk said...

She looked absolutely always.


That cake looks good enough to go off my diet for. I love bunny cakes. Every year my aunt would make one for Easter. I looked forward to it every year.

Now who is Cynthia? Is Cynthia her imaginary friend or a real friend?

Mary said...

Kimmy, Cynthia is her nanny! And Debbie, I can't wait for her response either. I told her she might want to check out the blog because I thought she might be getting unjustly accused of something, but didn't tell her what. :)

Oh, and thanks for your story...we're moving the shaving gel just in case. :)

Libby said...

busted, cynthia!!
mary, those pictures are GREAT!! katie looks gorgeous!!

loveabulls said...

WHAT!!!!!ME....(This is too funny...because I only saw the mirror like that today and it was before i put her in the tub...and I thought to myself...but only for a second...because you know how it is when your mind is busy...but I thought...mmm why is there steam on the mirror and she has not even taken a shower today...but if I had known that this was the topic for conversation)...oh no...I did not do it...

Ever heard the little rhyme...Who stole the cookie out the cookie jar? Well my answer is definitely Not me, then who...then Katie...Katie did it...mommy not me.

This is the same little girl who told me that she did not have jelly beans in her mouth this morning...and I asked her, "Are you telling me the truth?" and she said, "Cynthia, God sees me, I am telling the truth"....LOL
LOL LOL LOL>>>>This is great...

It's been awhile since I have been to the site....I better keep up

Debbie said...

Mary, you have one funny kid on your hands. Cynthia, how did you keep from laughing when she said "God sees me, I'm telling the truth". I got a giggle out of that one.