Friday, June 09, 2006

JC is in such trouble

JC took Katie out last night to a carnival. I was out with my sisters. Apparently I need to hire a babysitter for JC too. Katie's bed time is 8 pm. I got back home at around 8:30 pm. No Katie or JC. I went up to our room and started watching TV. At 9:30 pm, I heard them come in the front door. I'm listening to them and had to laugh at Katie.

JC: Go upstairs. Mommy is probably up there.

Katie: I'm going to tell her that you kept me out late.

JC: Narc.

She cracks me up because she always wants to make sure she's not getting blamed for anything. What was even funnier though was JC saying "She's making it sound like it's my fault!" I said, "Does she drive? She's 4, whose fault do you think it was?"

By the way, did I mention that her face was covered in blue cotton candy? Blue Mix


Anonymous said...

So.....let me get this straight. A daughter out with her Daddy for a fun night at a carnival.They both come home happy and excited,probably BOTH with blue on their faces. They arrive at home and need to explain why they were out until...ahem....9:30? Did the 4yr old have to work in the morning? Unless this is an every day occurance (Carnivals) I would have been more upset that I didn't go with them....:)

Mary said...

Anonymous, if you had read any more of the blog you would have realized that I wasn't serious about him being in trouble. As a matter of fact, I believe that I mentioned within the post that I "had to laugh" and thought JC was "even funnier". Feel better?

Libby said...

mary, at least she didn't come home smelling like alcohol, and saying, "Mommy, Daddy let me eat the tequila worm!!" (haha...just kidding, mary I know better!)

kimmyk said...

Sounds like they had a good time!

And Libby-you make even the worst situation seem not so bad with that nut.

Mary said...

Libby, I wasn't really upset to begin with, but your perspective certainly would have helped! :D

Becky said...

Libby that's funny! Mary, you mean they went to a carnival???? I might have gone home with you if I knew there was cotton candy involved! :P