Monday, June 05, 2006

Katie's debut

Katie's debut

Sunday was Katie's first dance recital. Okay, well dance may be stretching it. My father took a video of it - in 3 pieces because we kept thinking it was over. I have to say that I had tears streaming down my face because I was laughing so hard. Make sure if you watch the video that you have your sound up - so you can hear everyone else laughing... If you don't watch any of the other videos, make sure you watch the 3rd one. It's my favorite and has me cracking up every time. ETA: You need to sign on to see the videos - my login is and the password is tigger.

And here are some pictures - For everyone who has wanted to see Cynthia - she's in here too!


Becky said...

Ummmmm, ok, how do I see the videos? It takes me to a sign in page for Kodak Gallery and there's nothing about videos on there. Help?

Mary said...

Yep, forgot there was registration involved. I'm going to edit the post to give my sign on instructions.

Debbie said...

You should send video #2 to Americas Funniest Home Videos. Your daughter is adorable. Thanks for sharing. I liked the 3rd video too:)

Libby said...

i love it!! katie IS so talented!!

kimmyk said...

She's so damn cute!

Thanks for sharing the videos Mary! In a year you'll look back and wonder where it all went. Don't that suck?