Monday, September 29, 2008

If it's not one thing it's another.....

Well, it may have been a little late in coming, but I had the "anatomy" talk with Katie this weekend. We were at the zoo and she asked how you can tell a boy camel from a girl camel. I realize that she's seven and should probably know this already, so I decided it was time. I suggested we go sit somewhere and talk about it. I started talking about how the way we go to the bathroom is different because we have different body parts. She kinda got it, but not really. So yesterday when I was going to let the dog out, I told her to come with me. Before I let Sherlock out I told him to sit down and pointed "it" out to her. (I don't want nuts googling and getting my blog. LOL) She said, "Wait, HUMAN boys have that too???" It took all I had not to laugh out loud. After a couple questions and answers regarding exact location and my making sure she didn't think everyone had one covered with fur, I think we have conquered this part. I realize I'm just one step away from where babies come from, but I'm going to hold out on that for a while. LOL

Oh! And I'll have zoo pictures soon!

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Libby said...

oh, good luck with THIS whole thing, mary!! remember, she's quite precocious, so you better read up on this, just in case she hits you with anything you can't handle immediately!! :-)