Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School fun

Mission Accomplished
Shopping is tiring them out
Dad trying to find the alcohol

Someone is having fun
So today was back to school shopping day with Nana & Papa.  Katie (and Cynthia) were very excited.  I was afraid my parents wouldn't make it through the day without collapsing.

There was only one call for help, of which I did not provide much, so it was a good day.  The shoe salesman that worked with Katie is planning his retirement around the time that she will be shopping for high heels.  He and my father were trying to plan an escape to the neighboring bar while she was trying on shoes.  And my father almost never drinks, so that's saying something.

We are blessed to have such loving and generous parents/grandparents.  We love them!

As I told my dad on the phone today, at least "back to school" only happens once a year. :)


Sangeetha Narender said...

loved reading your blog... :)

Mary said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This day still has me laughing. Man oh man...I love what you did with these photos. (I published anonymous...I could not remember my password.)

Becky said...

Ok, that is just funny. I like the dad looking for alcohol part!