Thursday, September 23, 2010

My little skunk

Katie has an assignment today in school.  She has to be a skunk.  She and her classmates were assigned different animals and they are supposed to dress as their animal and then tell the class about them.  She was originally a little upset with the assignment of skunk because she was getting teased.  But after having a talk with her about how much I like skunks (and I do, I just don't want to get sprayed by one) and getting excited about dressing her up, she rallied and even said that she doesn't care what anyone thinks.

Well we'll be testing that theory today since this morning I spent about 20 minutes painting her face to look like a skunk, with Cynthia adding finishing touches to the whiskers so I could catch my train. When I asked her what time she would be doing this presentation, she said in Science.  Science is the last thing that they do today.  So my child will be teaching everyone about skunks all day long.  Hmmm.  That may not have been thought out too well.  I hope she doesn't get teased too much.  She's a strong kid, I'm hoping that she has fun with it - and isn't a disruption to the rest of her class!   I did  tell her that  if she didn't want to wear the paint she could wash it off...she has the rest of her outfit ready complete with a white and black boa tail.  

I'll update later with a picture if she didn't back out on the whole thing before they got out the door to go to school. LOL


Becky said...

Awww, you painted her up now for last period???? She'll be alright. And she'll just beat up whoever pisses her off! LOL

Weebs said...

Roo looks completely uninterested in a skunk in the house. lol

Mary said...

I didn't even see Roo sitting there. But you're right, he does seem like it isn't phasing him. It would have if I had allowed Katie to paint his face like she wanted to.