Monday, January 17, 2011

Maybe there is a use for pop....

I have always had a rule that Katie could not drink pop.  Mostly because I was afraid she wouldn't brush her teeth well enough.  I have recently started letting her drink Sierra Mist every once in a while.  Last night I found a use for it while we were eating dinner.   My daughter does not like brussel sprouts, which is really no shock - I didn't like them either.  Until recently, when I realized making them fresh made a BIG difference.  One of the ways that I like them is tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper and baked until the leaves are black and crunchy.  She will even eat the leaves, although she won't eat the whole sprout.

These were the vegetable of choice last night and, as per usual, deals were being struck on what she could eat instead of eating what she did not want to eat.  She did not want her rice.  She had already eaten some brussel sprout leaves.  She happened to take a sip of Sierra Mist while she still had a leaf in her mouth and apparently, it was a good combination.  So I suggested she eat a whole sprout to see if it would still taste good.  I really should have taken pictures.  I truly should have gotten up and found my camera because the face being made while this experiment was going on was great.  I was actually laughing at her.  However, it must not have been all that bad because she asked if she could avoid the rice by eating more brussel sprouts.  Which I agreed to, I'd rather she be eating the vegetable anyway.  

So now I know, brussel sprouts = Sierra Mist at dinner.  Who knew?   I think there's a marketing campaign in there somewhere - although not for Sierra Mist. LOL

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