Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tonsil Day

Katie has, so far, made it through tonsil day.  We spent close to 12 hours at the hospital.  It seemed like the fastest part of the day was the procedure itself.  Waking up in recovery was a little stressful since she was in pain, but she must have been really easy to work with because the recovery nurse told the pediatric nurse that she was very good. 

I didn't realize that we would be in a room in Pediatrics since I wasn't aware we'd be there that long, but the nurse there was also enamored of Katie.  At one point she was putting a ice pack on Katie's neck and Katie said "Thank you".  The nurse was smitten from that point on. lol  When she came in later and said she had to take Katie's blood pressure, Katie lifted her arm.  She was a model patient.

We did have an odd thing happen.  Katie went into surgery with two socks on and came back with one.  If they had opened her up I would have been a little concerned.  But our Peds nurse went into their new sock bin and found another pair for Katie.  Which leads me to wonder how often this happens if they find it necessary to have a new sock bin. :)   But I really did like the treatment she received.  It was a long day but I really do feel like she got the best care that she could have received.

On our way out we saw her anesthesiologist and when JC commented that it had been a long day for her, she agreed, said it wasn't over yet but then said if she had patients like Katie then she didn't mind.  Yep, the kids a charmer, even in pain. :)

At the moment, the little bug is sleeping on the couch.  She was very happy to get home and lay down.  Now if I can just get some liquids in her, I will be happy.

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