Tuesday, July 25, 2006

At work with Katie

Yesterday Katie went to work with me. We are just now recovering. We moved my office on Friday, so this was a new area for her to explore. Luckily we had no one from outside the office coming in yesterday because she had taken over. Amidst the boxes I set up my wipe board for her and let her go with the markers. She did quite a bit of artwork complete with her name. I should take the camera tomorrow and take a picture of it.

She also had brought her barbies - naked of course, stuffed animals and a dinosaur. She set them up around the conference room table but left one seat for herself and one for - my boss. She then convinced him to have a meeting. Apparently had a lot to tell him about her cousin Patrick and how he was killing off the pets. I personally think Patrick is getting a bad rap, it was one pet and I don't know that Patrick had anything to do with it, but I'm investigating.

She also made my bosses office the place where the "bad" animals had to go for a time out. Luckily my boss is great with kids and his daughter is on vacation with his wife so he needed a kid fix. I guess it could have been worse. She could have started talking about sleeping attire. Ahem.


Becky said...

Did Louis have time for the meeting? That's funny. So, what about Patrick killing animals?????? (BTW - would be dying with laughter right now if she actually told him about sleeping attire!)

Debbie said...

Wow Mary! You really took a risk there. She could have ratted you out BIG time. Sounds like she had a good time though. I wish more bosses would let kids come to work with their mom or dad. Although, Cheyanne has a tendancy to tell things she shouldn't. I always tell her what my mom used to say to me. "You don't have tell everything you know". Doesn't always work, but she likes it when I tell her stories about grandma.

Libby said...

HAHA!! sleeping attire...that's ok...tif still does that at age 22!