Monday, July 31, 2006

Pictures as promised

Katie's new bike.

Island girl Katie
My little pre-teen... I had to have them do one shot zoomed in on the feet. Gotta love kids' feet.
Her close up.

Now, I know that you guys are going to be shocked by this, but the woman taking her picture laughed at her because when she said "Ready?" once to Katie while she wasn't really paying attention, Katie immediately got on point. It was hysterical - like she was at a real model photo shoot.


Becky said...

Ok, ummmm I want a picture!!! Those are SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!

Libby said...

katie is so beautiful!! glad you're having a lot of pictures taken of her...they'll be nice in her permanent portfolio, ya know?

kimmyk said...

She is soooo cute Mary!

Nice shiney new bike too! How sweet!