Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nana gets busted!

Finally someone else is getting in trouble!

Katie was at Mom & Dad's yesterday and was taking a walk with Nana. She had been trying to get Nana to say hi to everyone they saw, but when Nana stopped to talk to one of the neighbors Katie went running back to the house to tell Papa "Nana is talking to strangers, you'd better come!" Papa walked around the house with her and told her that it was okay because Nana knew the person. When Nana told Katie that she knew the person (Nana had not known why Katie had run off) Katie told her, "Well you didn't introduce me, how was I supposed to know?"

I have repeated what I have been told, if there are any errors I'm sure that someone - Dad - could clear them up.

That's my kid - she tattles on everyone! But at least I know she has the stranger concept down.


Becky said...

What a riot! I just talked to mom last night and she didn't tell me that! Ok, so here's the question, Mom let Katie run off? :)

Mary said...

I thought that briefly, but I'm assuming that they weren't far from the house and she saw where she was running to. :)

Debbie said...

I heard this story. Your mom told me when I talked to her today. All of you better watch your backs, the Katie police is on patrol. Pretty soon she will be writing up tickets for all your offenses.

Libby said...

katie ran off & your mom let her?? maybe one of them needs to wear a leash when they're out together!! lol~!

kimmyk said...'s kids like katie who remember gotta watch that Mary cause you might say somethin' and miss katie pie will be listening and she'll pull that out of her recall at the worst time. TRUST ME on this one. but kudos to you and katie for safety lessons!