Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day and stuff

Katie made me a bunch of stuff for Mother's Day, but what I thought was really cool was that she wrote me a song... she wouldn't sing it for me, but she wrote it. She got shy about singing it and I couldn't coax it out of her. I even asked her if she wanted to sing it to me while I was in the shower so I wouldn't be looking at her, but no luck.

I talked to Katie and told her that we were going to be thinking about adoption now and she agreed it was a good idea. Then she told me if we didn't have enough money we could have some from her piggy bank. Such a sweetie. Then she asked if we could buy two. Um, YIKES! I said (after clearing up that we're not buying a baby) I think one is enough. She suggested that we get another one in 10 years, but after I told her how old I would be in ten years and watching her eyes pop out, I think she got the idea that I probably wasn't going to be wanting to go down this path again in 10 years. LOL


Libby said...

hahahahahahaha, mary! remember, my mom was 42 when she had me in 64, & lived til feb 08!

Mary said...

Yes Libby, but I AM 42, in 10 years I'm not going to want to start all over again. LOL