Thursday, May 22, 2008


Okay, we had a little vision scare. Katie did not pass the school's vision test so we had an official eye exam today. She did well and does not need glasses, although the doctor said to bring her back in a year.

Katie had said that she didn't need glasses, but I told her we'd make sure we picked out a cute pair if she needed them. Then she asked if she could get contacts. Um, no. Ugh. 'Cause I can see her sticking a contact in her eye. I told her if she needed glasses, she could get contacts when she was 16. She then proceeded to act like that was 100 years from now.

Saturday we will be going to the zoo, so I'll make sure I post pictures after that trip. I promise. Notice I'm not saying when. LOL

Oh! Note to all family members - if you have any pictures that have both JC and I in them, please email them to me. I'd like to get started on our family profile for our adoption process and I've noticed that there are no pictures of JC and I together. Okay, one. I need to have proof that he's more than some acquaintance that I met once. LOL


Libby said...

oh, wow, mary, good luck with all this! and, yes, i'm glad katie doesnt need far as contacts, i cant even watch an adult put them in without retching a little!

Debbie said...

Sorry Mary, I don't have any pictures of you & JC. I had the same problem. I had no pictures of Rich & I together. It was always Cheyanne and her dad or....Cheyanne and her dad. Notice a pattern? I'm always the one taking the picture. Rich & I had to pose and have Cheyanne take a picture of us. I think she was 6or 7 at the time.

Mary said...

Libby, lol, Katie has watched me put them in, so I know she's not squeamish watching someone put them in, but I think her putting them in would be a whole different ballgame.

Debbie, not only do I see the pattern, I am experiencing the same one. I'm the one behind the camera. I may make Dad take a couple. LOL

Weebs said...

I have a lots of pictures of you, JC and Katie