Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Got to love cats

This post is not about Katie, although she loved hearing this story.

This morning at about 3:45 our beloved (JC would say I'm using that word without authorization) and somewhat crazy cat was chasing his ball around our bed.  He likes to play fetch and he'll bring it up on the bed to try to get us to play with him.  If we don't he'll just bat it around the bed and jump all over us playing with it.  This morning the festivities began at 3:45.  I had been sleeping through some of it when I realized that JC had gotten out of bed.  I turned over planning to take the ball and put it under my pillow which is my normal response to this nocturnal activity.  I propped myself up on my elbow and looked at the cat as JC was walking back into the room.

As my eyes fell on the ball, JC said "DON'T MOVE."   I said, "What is that?" (Remember I don't sleep with my glasses on.)  He said, "A live mouse." and proceeded to put his hand over it and scoop it up (he had grabbed his work glove while he was out of the room).  

You know, my other cat, my mouser, used to kill the mice.  I wish that she had managed to train this one before she passed last year.  One of my first thoughts when I knew that we would have to put Tigger down was "who's going to catch mice".  Apparently I should have been more worried about who was going to KILL them.  (By the way, my house is not overrun with mice, we ususally get one a year.)

Fun way to start the day! 

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Cynthia said...

I love this story...this is a keeper.