Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am apparently being replaced

Every once in a while I do something, usually on purpose because I like to drive my husband a little crazy (it keeps him on his toes), that seems to require my husband to ask my daughter what color her new mommy's hair should be.  My daughter typically yells out, I don' t want a new mommy!  Once when he complained that I was being silly and asked her that question she said, "I like a silly mommy."   She's so cute.  I thought.

There are also little things I do to her just because I believe that part of the job of children is to provide entertainment value.  So whenever I make her a hot dog and cut it up for her, I eat one of the ends.  I don't know what started it, but I've always done it.  It was probably just a way for me to make sure it wasn't too hot at one point, but I've never stopped doing it.  However, NOW she notices.  And it bugs her.  So I continue to do it. ... if you knew my father you'd understand. :)     She will tell me not to as I'm making the hot dogs and I invariably find something for her to do to distract her before I start cutting them up so I can grab one of the ends.

The other day I handed her a plate with two hot dogs on it, sans one end of course, and she marched into the living room (doubles as our dining room at the moment) where my husband was sitting.  She sits down and says "Blond".  My husband, completely confused, asks her what she's talking about.  "My next mommy...she should be blond."      Hmpf.  No sense of humor. :)


Weebs said...

Hummmmmmm. Now you eat hot dogs???

Rave said...

heh, you just need to bring a blond friend over and tell her it's her new mom...see how she feels about it then!

debbie said...

aren't kids just great to annoy. I love doing things like that to Camden and Cheyanne. Just finding that one little thing that bugs them is soooo much fun:)