Saturday, March 27, 2010

Too young for stress

My daughter is a little artist.  I have her artwork all over my office from the times that she's been there with me.  I mentioned to her that some men we're working with right now really liked her artwork and I thought it would be nice if she made some more for me while she's at my office on Tuesday.  She asked me when the men were coming back to my office and when I told her Wednesday I got "I'M GOING TO FEEL PRESSURED!" from her.   

Oh my!  I had no idea asking her to color a couple of pictures was going to be such a stressful request!  But apparently she has visions of a multi-picture display. She's so funny.  Now I just have to make sure she remains calm during her assignment. LOL

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What a great Dad! Encouragement really helps even though there maybe stress! lol