Tuesday, September 04, 2007

1st Day of school - part 2

We walked to school today. I was testing her on spelling words while we walked. I'm sure that she couldn't wait to get to school - and away from me.

You can't see it, but her backpack - which she picked out - says "It's hard being this cute". I rolled my eyes so hard when I heard that I was afraid they were going to stick that way. To be fair, she liked the picture of the cat, and didn't know what it said.

And here she is before we started walking. She was ready to go back. And really enjoyed her first day - of course, homework starts tomorrow so who knows if that will last. LOL She did think that a full day meant she'd be coming home around the time I got home from work, so she was pleasantly surprised to be home as early as she was.


Libby said...

oh, mary, how CUTE is that picture of her in front of the flowers??? she just looks so sweet, ya know, like she'd NEVER think of anything mean or anything?? and i LOVE the backpack!! kinda like "hello kitty"..with attitude!!

Becky said...

She's sooooooooooo cute! The backpack is almost as big as she is! So she was happy that she got to come home earlier than you? Well, she's got that going for her then. How does she get to and from school every day?

Mary said...

Thank you both. I think she's kinda cute myself. LOL

Libby, looks can be very deceiving. :)

Becky, either walking or by car. She decided too late that she wanted to walk this morning, so I told her if it wasn't too hot I'd walk to pick her up this afternoon. I could get used to taking her to school. I wonder if anyone would mind if I didn't get to work until 10 am on an ongoing basis? Hmmmm.

Becky said...

Ummmmm, yup, I think Louis would notice at some point. :) Besides, in a couple months, it will all be by car (unless you want to slush through snow) :(