Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sidewalk Fair

Katie's school had a sidewalk fair over the weekend. They sell a square of the sidewalk around the school for six dollars and give you pastels to draw a picture on the square. It's pretty amazing how many good artists are out there. There were even a few political statements - and this is from an elementary school! There was a square that said "Justice" and "Jena 6". There was an Obama square and then, of course, the local sport teams. And Sponge Bob. Plenty of Sponge Bob.

They also had animals there, which made Katie's day. She got to hold a rooster, a rabbit, a duck and touch an alligator and snake.

She drew out what she wanted to put on the sidewalk the night before (that's the drawing that she's holding up in the picture) and we tried to duplicate it on the sidewalk. I think we did a pretty good job. The towers got redecorated once we were there and there were a few more additions. The guard at the drawbridge is JC's, the dragon in the middle tower is mine (although JC drew the flames). I hadn't drawn flames because he was supposed to be sleeping per the "boss". She was not happy that JC had woke him up. LOL We had a good time though. It was totally worth the allergy problems I've been having all day. Did I mention I'm allergic to sidewalk chalk?

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Libby said...

awwww, mary, this is beautiful! what a great thing to have the kids (& the parents!) do !!
but i think you should've sat it out and ate chocolate due to your allergy!!