Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fishing pictures

Katie and Papa
All her worm pets...

Yes, I said pets. We had two boxes of worms. She let us use the one box for fishing and the other box she named and played with until we left and I made her put them in the dirt at Papa's house. She wanted to bring them back home with her. Have I mentioned that my daughter has an icky side? LOL She did inspire me to bait my own hook though. I usually make JC do that, and actually did over the weekend, but at one point he was too far away from me so I decided if she could pick them up so could I. ::shudder::

She also spent alot of her time with a little girl that lives there catching minnows with a net. LOL

I realized when I looked at the pictures that I have not managed to get one with the missing tooth yet. I'll have to try for that later.


Debbie said...

Katie must get her icky side from her dad. Does Lisa have an icky side? I am pretty sure that Rebecca is like you and does not like anything in the way of bugs, worms or things that creeps or crawls. Guess where you get that from Mary...your mom. That always amazes me, since she grew up in Alabama. BTW, Cheyanne & Katie would make good fishin buddies. Cheyanne will even take the fish off the hook:)

Libby said...

actually, mary, the only time i ever tried to go fishing when i was little, i asked my dad to tie the worm on the hook, so he didnt hurt it!

Becky said...

Debbie, you are right! I am sooooooooooooo not into bugs. Though I have baited my own hook fishing. I wasn't happy, but I did it. And I'll have you know I like fire flies. See! I like a bug! I'll even touch them! LOL
Mary, Katie cracks me up with her love of all things icky! Does force you to be brave though doesn't it!