Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Family picture

Not keeping this up, so if you saw it, you were lucky. ;)

Katie told me the other day that I used to be pretty when I wore contacts. I really need to teach this child tact.


roddy said...

Katie,your Mom is HOT in those glasses! -O`O-

onemoresoul said...

I think it is a wonderful family picture. I think you are very pretty Mary. Jen

Becky said...

Ok, I can't see the picture. Its too small and I can't make it bigger. You know I'm almost blind! Why don't you send them to me. :) (including the others of Bug)

BTW - I don't believe that child can be tactful! Its part of her charm. LOL

Mary said...

Okay, Roddy, could we not teach my daughter the use of the word "hot"? LOL

Thank you Jen.

Becky, I may scan the pictures to see if I can get them bigger.

kimmyk said...

Okay I can't see the picture without my glasses. LOL.

I tried to wear contact lenses once upon a time, but I can't touch my finger to my eye. Funny thing is I work for an Ophthalmologist and he makes fun of me all the time. Oh well.

It's still a lovely picture from what I can see.

Libby said...

mary- that's a good picture! used to be hot...but now that you wear glasses, you're old? least you aren't wearing your glasses on a chain around your neck all the time, like only teachers & librarians are allowed to do!!

Debbie said...

The picture is small, but from what I can see it is a very nice picture. I see you are letting your hair grow out again. I like it long. I had a little girl the other day tell me that her grandma has the same shirt I was wearing. I was like oh great I hope you have a young and cool Grandma.

Mary said...

Okay, I am contemplating scanning the actual photo to see if I can get it a little bigger. LOL

Thanks Kimmy!

Libby, I couldn't take them off long enough to need a chain. LOL

Debbie, I so hope that was a cool shirt. LMAO