Sunday, July 01, 2007

Well, it happened... twice (Post #1 of the day)

Not a week after the fish entered our lives, two have gone belly up. The first being the free fish that we received from Church last week. Friday afternoon Katie came in the door and went to see the fish. She came running back to the door yelling for me because Herman was floating upside down and she was hysterical. After talking to her for a few minutes about everything we had talked about the Sunday that we got all the fish she did calm down. I told her when Daddy came home he would take it out... okay, I was being a coward... sue me.

Thankfully she was discussing flushing the fish, not burying it. She did ask me why you flushed fish and I told her it was more appropriate since they came from the water to send them back to the water. You know we learned in Finding Nemo that "all drains lead back to the ocean". When JC got home he took out the fish and let her carry him to the toilet.

The very next day she and I went to feed the fish and I noticed another one at the bottom of the tank. I took it out this time (yes, I know, I can be brave when I want to be) and again she carried it to the toilet. This time she wanted to say a prayer, which we did. Then we flushed. Except he didn't go down. Then my daughter hatched her plan.

Let's leave him in there and not tell Daddy. Then when he goes to the bathroom he'll see the fish in the toilet!!! I, of course, agreed to this plan wholeheartedly. However, I was then given the assignment of making sure Daddy decided to use the downstairs washroom. You may think that was a hard job to do, but I just walked up to him and told him to pretend he had to go to the washroom. Sometimes the direct approach is best. Especially with my husband. He, of course, pretended surprise ... and then flushed the toilet again so the fish would stay down ... why didn't I think of that?


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