Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Do you know what today is?

Time to change the blog name!

Happy Birthday to my little girl!!! She's had a few fun-filled days! Birthday Gifts

Sunday was Chuckie Cheese day. I'm not usually a Chuckie Cheese fan but, man, that was so much easier than having something at home. And cheaper too. And I got the "this is the best birthday party ever!" from Katie so that definitely made it worth it.

Now, the question of the day. Is Chuckie a mouse or a rat? Enquiring minds want to know.

Katie & My godson. He's a cutie and quite a dancer. LOL

This is Aunt Becky trying to get Katie to dance. Check out the cool Tinkerbell jeans. LOL

Today Katie and I went to Build A Bear, played in her pool and went out to dinner with Nana & Papa. She was asleep well before we got home from the restaurant, but she did manage to stay up for the movie we had planned on watching after she woke up.

Did I mention she has two more loose teeth? Ugh.


Becky said...

Ok, well, thankfully the picture doesn't show my face! :P I suppose I can approve. I'm voting on a rat by the way.

Debbie said...

HAPPY BELATED 6th BIRTHDAY, KATIE!!! Sorry I missed it. For some reason I thought Katie was an August baby. Love the Tinkerbell jeans:) Why didn't they have cool stuff like that when we were kids, Mary? Anyway, my vote is that Chuckie is a rat. BTW...I hope I get to see all of you on the 12th.
Rebecca is probably scratching her head right now wondering whats happening on the 12th? Answer: Ask your mom.

Mary said...

Debbie, I have the 12th marked off. I can't wait. :) Unfortunately, JC has to work, but Katie & I will definitely be there!

Roddy said...

***KATIE*** HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The Chuckster is a mouse ladies,rats would never hang out where little children are,they don't like the noise level!

Libby said...

ummmm...i kinda vote that he's a great big RAT!!...but you could always settle it for sure by asking him!

Mary said...

Roddy, he looks like a rat. And maybe if they are bigger than the kids the noise level doesn't bother them?

Libby, we actually asked our server and he didn't know. LOL

Roddy :) said...

Noise rises,just like "hot air" my dear. lol